The Surgery, Tyldesley

Welcoming Café Camaraderie

Café Camaraderie is run by the community for the community and is passionate about the community!

Opens Monday 24th April and opening hours are Monday to Friday 08:30am to 13:30pm.

Cafe Cam is located within Tyldesley Startwell Centre, Poplar Street (via Blandford Close), Tyldesley, M29 8AX

For more information: Email – [email protected] / 07398 197 992 Find us on Facebook and Instagram @cafecamaraderie

Introducing Café Camaraderie.


Café Camaraderie is a multi-faceted organisation that brings people together through deliciously prepared food and drink which is sustainable sourced. We are accessible to all members of the community and our volunteer team use their skills and lived/shared experience, to help others.


Café Camaraderie offers a diverse range of support services, including with mental health, physical health/medical diagnosis and other life changing events. There are opportunities to make meaningful, connections, that can last a lifetime, every day.


We are mental health and disability ambassadors, addressing inequalities in the workplace by providing opportunities to learn new skills, gain qualifications and access work experience. We also support our community of young people by offering work experience opportunities in a variety of industries.


We are a Macmillan center offering advice, support and complimentary therapy for those living with cancer, and their families.